3-D Layout of our Goat Pen

Dave is such a talented Engineer. He used a 3-D program to design our goat pen for the barn. We decided to just layout a corner of the barn with 2 stalls (one extra for expansion 🙂 ). Eventually, we will expand the pen area to the front left side of the barn with a section for milking the goats and add additional stalls for the goats when they are kidding next year.

Dave will begin digging the posts first, then build the entire pen. We will have crusher run (stone with stone dust that will compact very nicely) delivered and dumped and we will bring it into the barn, rake it out, then with a plate compactor, compact the stone.

Goat 3D plans-1 Goat 3D plans-2

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Design Ideas for Goat Pen

I posted on our Greytful Acres FB page a need for our fellow homesteaders who keep goats to share their knowledge and expertise with building stalls in a pole barn. We are preparing for our 2 goats we will be getting in mid-May and need to build out a stall and keep in mind the ability to expand for more goats. This is a photo of the area of our pole barn that we are planning to build the stalls. Their is a side sliding door to the right of the area. The flooring right now is dirt and the previous owners didn’t have it built up to meet the bottom of the walls or leveled so there are gaps along the bottom of the walls ( would be worried about critters getting in).





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