Our Hounds Go on a Field Trip to the Barn

We took the greys and whippets out to the barn to check out the finished goat pen.  First out, was our whippets, Zak & Zoe.  They were excited to go on a field trip and checked out and sniffed every inch of the pen.

photo 1-001photo 3-001

photo 4-001

Next up, were our greyhounds, Luvie, Lyle & Izzy.  They were less impressed about the field trip.  However, Luvie & Lyle did their fair share of sniffing and checking out the pen.  Izzy, however, stood by the main gate to the pen and looked towards the house the whole time, as if to say, “can I go back in the house and lay on my comfy dog bed?”.

The greys go to the barn-001  Luvie and Lyle in the barn-002

Izzy in the barn-002

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Preparing the Floor of the Goat Pen

We began first thing this morning shoveling, dumping and spreading stone in the barn where the goat pen will be.

Pile of stone before we start dumping       stone in front of the side door of barn

While I brought some stone in the barn, Dave put up plywood walls for the 2 stalls.

 dave working on outside walls of stall        Bringing stone in the barn-001

Time to call it a day. Man, did we move a lot of stone today and our bodies feel it! It’s Arnica time…

pile of stone-001

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