The Carpenter Bee Traps Have Been Built and Installed on the House

Carpenter bee trapDave made these bee traps for the carpenter bees that have been invading the log siding on our home. He tried putting wood putty in the holes and that didn’t work. The house was never stained by the previous owners, so he stained it last Fall before we moved in; we read that carpenter bees won’t make holes if the wood has been painted/stained, but it appears that staining the siding hasn’t helped deter them either, since Spring is here and they are back with a vengeance. Last year, we were getting woodpeckers pecking the house (going after the bee larvae in their nest/tunnels). We have had no choice but to install the carpenter bee traps to prevent further damage to the house. We know they are pollinators and are a beneficial insect, but we can’t have more damage to the house. When we get our chickens, maybe they’ll eat the corpses?? At a future date, we plan on having vinyl siding installed on the house, which will take care of the problem.

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