DIY Hay Feeder

My husband got an idea for a hay feeder on the forum. It’s made out of an 18 gallon Rubbermaid tote. The instructions: Cut out 2 openings towards the bottom of the tote that are 4×4 then filed and sanded the edges to be sure there were no sharp edges. Placed a piece of 2×4 inside the top flat area of the tote and screwed it into the stall boards at a good height that the goats can reach it. Took another piece of 2×6 and placed under the tote to give it extra resting support. Cut 2 pieces of scrap wood that fit below the 2×4 inside the tote and rest at the front bottom of the tote, laying at an angle to help direct the hay toward the openings. Place the lid on top to seal the tote (important step if you’re keeping it outside your barn–it will help keep rain out of it). Dave constructed an angled board to mount above the tote (hinged to the stall, and has a hook and chain to keep it raised while refilling the tote with hay). He constructed the angled board to deter the goats from jumping on top of the tote and possibly knocking it off. (I will be posting a hilarious video of Esmeralda jumping up on the angled board and sliding off. We are seeing how clever these little goats are. Smart idea Dave!)

Scarlet & Esmeralda eating from hay feederinside hay feeder

slanted board over top of hay feederside view of hay feeder

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