Handmade Lebanon and Nashville Subway Art Souvenir Towels

Lebanon Souvenir Towel  nashville towel

I am honored to have my custom designed Lebanon subway art towels, featuring Lebanon historic landmarks, on sale at the Lebanon Antique Mall & General Store.

For Middle TN folks who are interested in purchasing my towels, you can either purchase them at the antique mall or contact me through my website or Facebook page to arrange payment and pick up locally.  For those folks outside of Middle TN, you may purchase the towels through my website.  Click on the “Greytful Acres Storefront” tab to place your order.  A portion of the sales of my towels will be donated to 2 greyhound adoption groups that are near and dear to our hearts here in Tennessee.

I have also custom designed a Nashville subway art towel and at the current time, it can be purchased through my website or if you are local, you can contact me through my website or my Facebook page to arrange payment and pick up locally.

I am currently working on another subway art design towel and will post it as soon as the design is finished and printed. 🙂

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Molly’s Herbals Herbal Worm Formula System

For those of you folks looking for a natural alternative to chemical and drug wormers for your livestock, please check out Molly’s Herbals from Fias Co Farm.  She developed the Herbal Worm Formula System after much research, and uses it on her own animals.  Here’s the link if you’re interested in reading about this herbal formula & would like to order it. http://fiascofarm.com/herbs/wormer.htm    This can be used for goats, cattle, pigs, horses, sheep, chickens, llamas, alpacas and even cats and dogs.  Some animals don’t care for the taste of the herbs, so Molly provides a recipe on her website to make dosage balls by adding Slippery Elm Bark (acts as a binding agent to hold the herb mixture together) and molasses.  Wouldn’t you know neither Esmeralda or Scarlet would eat the herbs mixed in with their grain, so I ordered some Slippery Elm Bark powder.  My order arrived today, so I made a batch of dosage balls.

making dosage ballsdosage balls

esmeralda eating a dosage ball


I gave the first ball to Esmeralda who gobbled it up and was delighted to receive another one!




Here’s a little video of Esmeralda enjoying her Molly’s Herbals Worm Formula dosage ball!

scarlet eating a dosage ball


Scarlet took a little coaxing and me breaking the ball into small pieces.  Once she got a taste of it, she gobbled hers up and ate the second dose with no hesitation!



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Our Lavender is Growing and Has Many Blossoms

I am thrilled to see my lavender plants doing so well! I think it’s safe to say a field of lavender will grow here at Greytful Acres!

lavender in bloom close-up  So many pretty blossoms!  Eeeek!

lavender in bloom close-up with little purple butterflies  The blossoms are attracting these tiny little purple butterflies (at the bottom left and center of the photo).

lavender in bloom - entire row  All plants are blossoming!


lavender in garden  This photo was taken when I first planted them on May 27th (they had a few blossoms when planted, but so many more have bloomed in a weeks time!) 🙂

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