Greytful Humans

kathy dave and hounds     Welcome to Greytful Acres in Lebanon TN! We are Dave and Kathy Thompson. We enjoy renovating houses and in 2013 our dream of owning a farm came true, when God blessed us with this beautiful property! We are still in the process of renovating our “farmhouse” and look forward to making it our own! It is not your traditional antique farmhouse. It is quite “young” and has a contemporary flare to it, and needed a lot of tender loving care! We live with 3 greyhounds and 2 whippets and volunteer for Greyhound Pets of America-Nashville, promoting adoption of retired racing greyhounds. We have recently added 2 dairy goats, 1 Nigerian Dwarf and 1 Mini Lamancha.  We also look forward to adding other livestock to our farm, as well as planting various types of gardens! Between us, we have 3 awesome children and 5 beautiful grandchildren.

     In addition to promoting greyhound adoption, it is our hope that our blog inspires and encourages folks who are interested in homesteading/farming but aren’t sure where to begin.  We invite you to follow along on our journey and learn with us as we set up a homestead of our own, care for our livestock and plant various gardens.  Our goal is to become more self-sufficient by raising some of our own livestock for milk and eggs and grow our own vegetables and herbs.

Sit back and enjoy our photos and stories of humans and hounds living a simple life on a small farm called Greytful Acres!

010 - Copy (9)008 - Copy (7)Dave with Luvie Zak and Zoe

meet n greet with izzy zak and zoe023 009 - Copy (3)

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