Our Little Houdini!

Soooo, it appears we have a little Houdini on our hands. Yesterday, Dave was inside the house and heard, what he thought was the sound of one of the goats, but knew they were out in the barn and wouldn’t be them. So he got up to check on the greyhounds to see if it was a sound they were making and it wasn’t. As he walked by the window, he saw Scarlet standing on the stone wall between our property and our next door neighbors pasture. He ran outside and she stood there nibbling at the leaves hanging from a tree. He scooped her up and brought her back to the barn. He stood there awhile and watched her to figure out how she got out. She jumped over the goat pen, which is just shy of 4 feet tall! Needless to say, we modified the pen by adding more lumber to the walls to prevent that from happening again! These are photos of Dave’s beautifully designed goat pen ‘Before’ and the modifications made to it ‘After’. Welcome to Fort Knox! Geeeesh….
all 3 doors on the goat pen-001

Fort Knox-001

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Introducing Greytful Acres 1st Goats!

Greytful Acres is proud to present our 1st 2 goats, Scarlet (a Nigerian Dwarf) and Esmeralda (a Mini Lamancha)!  They are dairy goats and we look forward to breeding them next year and having fresh goat milk and cheese!

(They have green ink on them from being tattooed today)

me holding scarlet Dave holding esmeralda

We got a lesson on trimming their hooves from Jennifer at Jolly Beggar Farms.

Trimming Hooves

Then we loaded them in the crate and we were on our way home!

goats heading home to Greytful Acres

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