Greytful Hounds

Lyle and his sistersIn our spare time, Dave and I volunteer for Greyhound Pets of America-Nashville to help promote adoption of retired racing greyhounds.  We have 3 greyhounds, Izzy (a.k.a. Smokin’ Iggy) , Luvie (a.k.a. Luv and Kisses) and Lyle (a.k.a. Braska Lyle).  We adopted our 1st greyhound, Izzy, from Greyhound Rescue Foundation of Tennessee in April 2010 while living in Knoxville.  About a month after adopting her, we moved to Middle TN and adopted our 2nd greyhound, Luvie, from Greyhound Pets of America (GPA) – Nashville in October 2010.  We began fostering greyhounds through GPA Nashville in May of 2011 and after fostering 4 hounds, we “failed” at fostering when our 5th foster arrived at our home.  Dave immediately knew that Lyle was home as soon as he stepped foot in our home.  He has been a wonderful addition to our 2 girls.

Zak and Zoe

     In April of 2012, we rescued 2 whippets who are litter mates.  We changed their names to Zak and Zoe and refer to them as “The Lil’ Rascals”.  They are more energetic than the greyhounds and add a little excitement to our pack!



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