Introducing Greytful Acres 1st Goats!

Greytful Acres is proud to present our 1st 2 goats, Scarlet (a Nigerian Dwarf) and Esmeralda (a Mini Lamancha)!  They are dairy goats and we look forward to breeding them next year and having fresh goat milk and cheese!

(They have green ink on them from being tattooed today)

me holding scarlet Dave holding esmeralda

We got a lesson on trimming their hooves from Jennifer at Jolly Beggar Farms.

Trimming Hooves

Then we loaded them in the crate and we were on our way home!

goats heading home to Greytful Acres

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Wire Fencing is Completed!

We started installing the wire fencing early this morning.  Tomorrow is the day!  Can’t believe Scarlet & Esmeralda will be arriving home to Greytful Acres!

Unrolling the fencing and pounding the staples in the 1st post.

unrolling the fencing pounding the staples in the start of the fence

Dave made a homemade fence stretcher and attached it to the tractor to pull it (he just wanted to play on his tractor!) 😉

dave made his own fence stretcher  Tractor pulling daves homemade fence stretcher

He used a board as a lever to stretch the wire further and then pounded the staples in the post.

dave using a board as a lever to stretch fencing

Down the home stretch!

Dave pounding fence staples in post

To finish off the wire fencing, Dave “sandwiched” the wire fencing between 2 boards–one screwed on top of the one that he had affixed to the barn.  He used a board as a lever again, and stretched the fencing between the boards to keep the fencing pulled tight.

Dave trying to get fencing between 2 boards Dave using a board as a lever to stretch fence

The fencing in complete and the goats now have a small fenced pasture to graze and play in!

fence complete-002 fence complete-003

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Installing Metal Posts/Stakes in Between the Cedar Posts

We are one step closer to installing the wire fencing for the goat’s pasture!  The cedar posts have all been installed and now the metal posts/stakes are being installed in between them.   We were praying there was no rocks in the ground where Dave was laying them out. (no such luck!)  I guess that’s why our street is perfectly named!

metal fence posts being pounded in Metal posts looking towards back field metal fence posts looking towards house

The countdown continues. Only 2 more days until Scarlet & Esmeralda arrive!

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Fence Posts Being Installed

Dave installed the posts for fencing yesterday and today.  We have a cedar mill down the street, so we opted for mostly cedar posts, but also used a few pressure-treated posts to support the gates.  This week we’ll be finishing up the fencing just in time for Scarlet & Esmeralda’s arrival this weekend! Can’t wait to bring our babies to their new home!

post hole digging-003 leveling post-001

corner fence posts with braces-001   cedar posts with corner braces installed-003

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